Monday, 26 June 2017

Website Design Elements to Enhance Brand Credibility


Website Design Elements to Enhance Brand Credibility

t is a fact that users, while they are surfing a website for the very first time, like their online experience. If this does not happen, they are not likely to come back to the site to pick up items or for further research. Thus, it is imperative that the website design of a company is very appealing and engaging and makes the surfers remember their time on the site with positivity. For ensuring a good connect with users, try to keep the following tips in mind:
1). The visual element, of how all the website data is presented to the surfer, is very important. Hence, take care that the font size is not too small while you present your points to the users. This parameter becomes all the more important when you are doing your search on small devices such as the iPhone where you need bigger sized characters to be able to read properly. Also, ensure that there are about 13 words per line, no more or less.
2). Avoid having too much reading material which runs into several pages in your descriptions. Intersperse it with interesting visuals to give a break to the written word. Also, the words you use should be crisp, to-the-point and clearly defining what it is that you wish to say. Do not use jumbled jargon which will confuse the surfer. In addition, sentences should not be long winded or very lengthy or the reader will find it difficult to understand it.
3). Try to incorporate a call-to-action which takes the reader onto another section of the page. This will give a momentary break to the surfer and will also keep their interest alive. Give the user an option to get more details by having a ‘read more’ type of message. Then the choice is left to the surfer if he or she would like more material on the subject or not.
4). With social media playing such a major role in all advertising, it is very essential to place your social media signals properly and align them in the correct place. This should ideally be at the beginning of your description, or at its fag end. It should be highlighted properly so that one is sure that the customers can have a good look at it and can share the material with their online friends and acquaintances. Also, make an effort to get a larger number of potential customers leave their e-mail addresses for your contact with them later on.
5). Try to have some interesting diversions in your website. Make it more user-friendly by having some pop-ups with newsworthy tidbits about the products or services which you are giving out information on. The user should be given an option about whether he or she would like to explore the extra information or not. It should not be thrust on them as material which they perforce have to go through or else they may just log out of the website and not come back to it even later.

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