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How to Make the Most of Your Time on LinkedIn

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How to Make the Most of Your Time on LinkedIn
Jerome Knyszewski

We ALL know that LinkedIn is the place to be to network, conduct business, meet new partners
and advance our careers, however the great majority of individuals I discuss LinkedIn with,
are not sure as to what to do and how to do it.

We ALL know that some have tremendous success generating new leads, 
engaging new prospects, creating fantastic business alliances, 
but most might have had zero success, so the disconnect feels painful.

We ALL have 24 hours a day and we all need to figure out HOW to make the most 
out of our time on LinkedIn if we want to fall in love with LI.
I will, in the next 3 articles share with you what I do on LinkedIn and how I do it,
so that it yields the best results for the time and effort spent -invested-, the intent of this article
is to give you some insight and tips that you might apply to yourself and find great benefit, or,
if it doesn't match your business model, just ignore it, or adapt it.
FIRST: let's make it clear:
it might very well work for you too!
Let's start this with some screen captures from my account so you see what can be achieved
and if you feel this is what you'd like to do, just follow the advice.

 most of us tend to get sucked up into social media sites like dust in vacuum cleaners,
5 minutes turn into 2 hours.
So it is CRUCIAL to set a LIMIT of time you will spend on LinkedIn,
I shoot for 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the GOALS I have.
Goals vary from day to day and person to person, but make sure you hold yourself accountable
to not go over those limits on regular basis, very quickly,
you will not be investing time on Linkedin, but WASTING it.

On linkedin you can join about 50 groups,

you can search and select the groups you'd like to join with amazing accuracy.
Some groups are small others are HUGE (they max out at 1,000,000 members).
The greatest majority of linkedin members have joined many groups,
but what good does it do, if you don't interact!?
PRO TIP: Don't be one of those that post dozens of times each day!
STAND OUT by complimenting others, liking other's posts, commenting, giving value,
sharing your insights, trust me, profile views will come and connection requests will follow!


I know, endorsements feel lame and senseless, so many find them ridiculous and roll their eyes
as they receive endorsements for skills they don't really leverage in their business and career.
Many feel even more awkward when they receive endorsements from folks they never met
or dealt with. I agree, all this is bit strange, but do it, do it and do it again!

Why? Because by endorsing people you are connected with,
you are staying in front of them in a non invasive way.

You could and should send a message to thank those that endorse you
and ask what skills you could endorse to help them. Give, give and give.
As long as LinkedIn keeps this feature, make use of it.

This will get you more profile views, and someone might have forgotten
they were connected to you until, they received the notification from LI: 
Jerome Knyszewski endorsed you for "goat milking skill"
PRO TIP: Get the LinkedIn app, a lot of these "tasks" are much easier 
and executed much faster from the LI applications! 
It takes me about half the time than on my laptop.

You can TCR music, poetry or self development material for internal knowing.
I can Turbo Charge Read a novel 6-7 times faster and remember what I’ve read.
I can TCR an instructional/academic book around 20 times faster and remember what I’ve read.
Introduction to Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
A practical overview of Turbo Charged Reading YouTube  
How to choose a book. A Turbo Charged Reading YouTube
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Advanced Reading Skills Perhaps you’d like to join my FaceBook group ?

Perhaps you’d like to check out my sister blogs:
All aspects of regular, each-word down-each-line reading and education.
Turbo Charged Reading uses these skills significantly faster      many ways for you to work with the stresses of life       just for fun.

To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”
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