Tuesday, 20 June 2017

How To Train Your Mind To Be Positive (using the 4 P's)

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In today's training video I'm going to show you how to train your mind to be positive!
The quality of your personal or professional life is largely determined by the quality
of the emotional states you live in day to day -- states like love, anger, happiness,
hopeless, fear and confidence.
There are a few things that affect the quality of your life quicker than developing a positive attitude and training your mind to be positive. 
The challenge is "positive attitude" seems a bit soft, wooly, fluffy and easy to dismiss. 
In the real world (especially the corporate world) "attitude" rarely carries the same weight as words like "skill" and "knowledge" and "work ethic."
Researchers (people much cleverer than me!) are proving otherwise. Learning how your mind works and how to incorporate positive thoughts and emotions can help improve many areas, including health, work, family and social relationships.
If emotions you are experiencing in any area of your life are make you miserable,
you can get in control of them. Your thinking causes you to feel certain emotions,
and your thinking is something you can control.
What you can't control are the setbacks and knock-backs life brings.
Controlling your emotions simply means that you will be able to deal with them better
because your emotions will not make the matters worse.
Being able to train your mind to be positive means that you are in control.
You are in control of how effectively you function and more importantly,
how you feel, regardless of the events around you.
Operating at your ultimate mindset will having you taking your life to the next level.
Your creative ideas will multiply.
Your abilities to achieve will multiply. Your communication with the world will multiply.
Your relationships will multiply. Everything you do, you will do that much better.
Dedicate training your mind to be positive by the day using the 4 P's (explained in the video).
It will drive you like nothing else can. Knowing that you can elevate your emotional state
at anytime is a powerful feeling. It will empower you like nothing else can.
Plus (and it's a big plus) focused positive thinking, over time, will influence your subconscious
so accessing a positive state becomes automatic.

What could be better than that!!!
Enjoy today's training.
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