Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How To Be Confident FAST! (unorthodox approach)

Santon Downham. Octagonal tower accommodates 4 ley lines.

Based on research, what's the one question almost everyone answers yes to?
Answer: Would you like to know how to be more confidence?
It's not surprising really.

Since becoming a coach I haven't worked with anyone who didn't suffer with 
a lack of confidence to some extent. 
Even the most outwardly confident people are racked with self doubt on occasion. Me included! 
The reality is if we want success in any undertaking, or to feel comfortable
in a variety of different social situations or handle our personal
or professional relationships effectively, then confidence is essential.

Confidence is a 'felt' thing that helps shape positive behaviours and supports us
being the best we can be in everything we do. We all need self confidence to fulfil our potential.

So without spouting loads of theories, how do we be more confident?
Is it something that just happens by luck or is it something we can control?

That answer is simple.

Confidence is something we can control and in this weeks video
I'm going to show a very unorthodox on how to be confident. 

PMA = Physical, Measurable, Achievable.

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