Friday, 14 April 2017

Do You Know How Imperative Your Reputation Is?


Do You Know How Imperative Your Reputation Is?

For a long time, Google has been very aware that a business’ reputation was a major factor
in how their business should rank. However, it wasn’t until relatively recently that they were
able to accurately incorporate reputation into their algorithm in terms of how websites rank.
If you haven’t been taking enough time to manage your reputation, it could impact how well your website ranks in very short order. Do you know what your customers think about your company?

Why Google Wants to Know About Your Reputation
The point of the Google algorithm is to put websites that are working hard
to be there for their customers at the top of the ranks when a search is performed.
It isn’t just about having the right keywords, or even the right length of content.
It is about having precisely what your customers’ need, when they need it. You need to be able
to show that you can put the right information out there to reach customers, but then
you also need to show that customers are seeing the benefits of using your products or services.
By adding user-generated content, also known as reviews, into the algorithm that ranks websites,
it allows Google to put companies higher on the list that are proving their worth to their clientele. It proves that you say you can do it, and that customers agree, you truly can.
If you ignore this aspect of your reputation, Google is going to start lowering
where you rank as a way of letting customers know that the highest ranked companies
are not only good enough to impress Google itself, but also customers in your area.

Reputation Management Is Something Every Business Needs to Focus On
When you decide that you want to work on your reputation, it is important to look up your company in the same way a potential customer would. Find out what others are saying about you. You will likely find many sites that could have information about your company. Read through the different reviews that have been left, and get a feel for how your customers see your company.
When a user puts up their review of your company, that’s considered a first-party review.
These are great testimonials as to how you do business, and they can naturally help you rank higher when search engines look over your website.
You having testimonials on your site is great, but when you can back them up with real reviews from customers who have worked with you and want to do so again,
this helps Google see you in a shining light and boost where your website falls in the rankings.

Don’t overlook your company’s reputation.
It is a very imperative component to where your website ranks. It tells potential customers
a lot about you, and it can also instil a lot of trust in your company before a person
even comes to you for help. Put your company in a position to improve your rank, plus help
even more customers than you already do, by hiring a reputation management company today!

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