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Hypnosis for Drawing Love and Prosperity Into Your Life

Hypnosis for Drawing Love and Prosperity Into Your Life
Julie Griffin,

Hello Reader! I have some important messages to share with you.
These messages will enable you to thrive and to find your ideal love
(should you be ready and willing).
If you are looking to draw love and prosperity into your life (or to help others to do so)
please realize that the acceptance of the following concepts will help:

You are not here to suffer.
There is no punishing force up in the heavens causing you suffer.
You create your own despair anytime that you behave in a way
that is contradictory to your manifesting your love and prosperity.

Love, happiness, and prosperity are your birthright.
We all have an equal shot at creating love and prosperity in our lives. 
Those who have found love and prosperity did so because they focused on and took steps 
towards the creation of love and prosperity. Everything that you have in your life
is something that you have consciously (or unconsciously) drawn into yourself.
Whatever is missing from your life is missing only because you have not given
the proper energy towards creating what it is that you want.

The misery of others is not yours to carry.
Even if others around you have suffered greatly, failed at creating their own happiness
and prosperity (or died) you need to realize that that has nothing to do with you
because we are all on our own separate paths.
While it is right and proper to be empathetic and compassionate to those around you,
it is inappropriate to become so wrapped up in the hardships or failures of others
that you become unable to manifest your own highest good. You can affect dramatic changes 
in your capacity to love and thrive financially simply by making the right choices in your life.

How to Actively Draw Love and Prosperity Into Your Life
  1. Forgive the past. Anger and hate weigh you down physically, emotionally, and spiritually.     Therefore it is important to forgive (let go) yourself for anything that you have done wrong                 and to forgive anyone who has wronged or injured you. In doing so, you will not be weighed down by negative emotions and you will have more energy to focus on manifesting your goals.
M’reen. A positive energy is to repeat:
Through the divine in me, I forgive the human in you and in me,
which caused whatever the problem was or is. I tend to repeat this (with my issue in mine)
to the four compass points (the four walls) and to heaven and earth (the ceiling and floor)

  1.  Let go of the past. No matter what has happened to you in the past (in business or in love relationships) you need to imagine that you can wipe the slate clean  and start fresh.                         Living in the past and holding onto old failures will cripple your ability to thrive.                                         You should view the past as learning experiences from which you are now able to grow from.
M’reen. Holding onto a grudge or lost love depletes your energy, keeps you stuck in the mud.
Sometimes it takes years to free that energy and if so keep giving that energy as much love
and permission to be free as is possible. It is rather like melting an iceberg,
it will melt if you keep it warm. Try and imagine that feeling where ever it is in your body or space, whatever shape or colour you imagine and put it on a tropical beach.

  1.  Become a vessel of power. You can empower yourself in many ways.                                                                  A few of these ways follow:                                                                                                                                                *create health in your physical being by eating healthfully, exercising regularly,                                       and avoiding toxic substances                                                                                                                                               *create health in your mind by consistently feeding yourself positive thoughts                                             *create health in your heart by letting love and happiness shine through you                                             *define and embrace your own spirituality. When your physical, emotional, and spiritual sides              are all healthy and functioning as one well-maintained unit you will have the energy                                and power that you need  to manifest your goals.
M’reen.  Make a note or drawing of these points 
and put it inside a cupboard drawer that you open each morning. 
Just think, 1 gentle stretch exercise done is much better than ½ an hour not achieved.
Consider the physically proven fact that thinking, 
‘I love you, you are pure love’ to a glass of water changed its molecules, 
whereas thinking,  ‘I hate you, you are worthless’ distorted the molecules.  
You are principally water! Have ‘I love you, you are pure love’ pinned inside a cupboard door.
Imagine that this switches on a little light inside you that can shine through you so that you walk round with a little glow. Actively find something that you appreciate (a beautiful flower
or cloud) and feel your glow a little more brightly. See someone tired or angry
and let some of your glow overflow past your boundaries and cover them. This works.

  1.  Identify what it is that you want. Allow time for soul-searching that will enable you to identifying what life pursuits will totally fulfil you. It is important that you are truly excited by whatever it is that you are doing if you want to be successful  and happy while doing it.
M’reen. Check out this article

  1.  Visualize what it is that you want. Picture in your mind yourself totally fulfilled in both love                and business concerns. Paint a bright and vivid picture in your mind of exactly the kind of success and love that you wish to live inside of. Continue to focus on and clarify this picture each day.            Make sure you allow room inside the picture for possibilities that can enhance your life                          that you are not yet consciously aware of yet.
M’reen. This can be achieved by adding:  “…… or even better.”

  1.  Set and achieve goals. Set small goals that you can readily achieve                                                                that will lead to the fulfilment of your larger goals.                                                                                            Congratulate yourself each time you meet a small goal.                                                                                            Don't sit around waiting for things to happen-make things happen.                                                                   Take on the thoughts and actions of a successful person. Assume that your success is                                 a foregone conclusion because you will consistently act in a way that creates your success.

  1.  Ask for help when you need it. This help could be from a friend, a business person, a teacher,              from a spiritual realm, or even from yourself. Often it is the case that others will be delighted             to assist you. By asking for what you need, you open a door that allows others the pleasure                   of helping you  and a window that enables you to obtain what it is that you need.                                       If you are the type that feels that you have to do everything yourself                                                             and that it is inappropriate to ask others for help                                                                                                         then you might want to take time and consider if these thoughts are serving you or harming you.

  1.  Like yourself and love yourself. If you want others to be drawn to you, you must feel good                   about yourself. You will only be able to truly love another when you are capable of loving yourself. Imagine that you have the ability to draw love and energy from the universe into the core                   of your being. Feel yourself filling up to the brim with this universal love and energy.                               Imagine that there is a dimmer switch inside of you that controls your own love and joy light                 and that you are now actively turning up your love and joy light a little bit brighter each day.

  1.  Take charge of your magnetism and charisma. As you turn up your own love and joy light                        your magnetism and charisma will automatically surface. You may utilize your magnetism                      and charisma to draw loving, helpful, and caring people into your life.

  1. Create a state of mind in which you will only draw helpful, loving people into your life.                           Project an energy field around you that prevents harmful people and elements                                           from entering into your life or consciousness.
M’reen. A useful imagination is to walk around in what I call a pineapple, 
this is a net that completely surrounds you 
and as a net allows in all that is beneficial or needs your attention
but where the net crosses there are little antennae that act like a lightening rod 
and attract any negatives and sent them straight to earth.

  1. Begin to actively call love and prosperity into yourself. Get up each morning and call out                         to the universe (or your higher power) to send prosperity and love your way.                                             Each night take time to identify all your blessings and to give thanks                                                                   for all the wonderful things that have come into your life.

  1. Have the wisdom to see that sometimes things come to you in an unexpected way.                                 Develop the insight and vision to see what is truly a blessing and what is not. Trust your instincts.

There is one important concept that I have not yet spoken to you of
and that concept is that your life can be fun. 
Take time to have fun, to laugh, to sing, to dance, and to make friends. 
Your friends will help to get you through your darkest days and play with you on your brightest days. 
In the course of life you may have many loves come and go your friends will always be there for you.
Realize too, that when you are out in life making friends and having fun that love will find you! 

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Sending/Accepting Facebook Friend Requests from your office colleagues

Sending/Accepting Facebook Friend Requests from your office colleagues
You have a big network of friends on your Facebook Channel and suddenly
one day you get a friend request from your boss or co-worker, so what do you do next?
Lately, companies everywhere are using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn,
but more and more employees are discovering that their management
is using social networking tools for purposes other than socializing.
For this reason, many employees feel awkward and defensive 
when approached about opening up their networks to their work colleagues.
Human resources department frequently research job candidate’s background
and existing employees through their Facebook profiles.
Inappropriate comments and images surfaced on Facebook have shown 
quite a few employees the exit door. Even more are denied job opportunities.
So given the circumstances regarding the regularity of social media usage in workplace,
many workers and management are at crossroads about what is appropriate and what isn't.

To friend or not to friend, that is the question
Jim Gould, president at I Support, agrees to the benefits of Facebook interaction with colleagues.
“It would probably help me to improve my business to see 
the uncensored and probably incidental comments of my colleagues,
but I cannot see any advantage to them including me in their private conversations,” he says.
LinkedIn professionals were asked where they stood on friending workplace colleagues
and more than 90 percent of respondents said that adding bosses to Facebook is a no-no.
Adding coworkers were deemed more acceptable:
More than 60 percent said they have or expected to add coworkers to their network.
Still most agreed that the best solution was to keep the two worlds separate.
“I firmly believe that LinkedIn is for professional use and Facebook is for personal use,” 
says Jason Chu, executive recruiter at Shulman Fleming and Partners.
 “My personal life, as tame as it is, is still my person life. It has no relevance in my work environment.”

If you must accept, here’s an idea
Many employees who want to maintain a level of privacy from their employers
find it hard to deny a friend request from a supervisor.
After all, how can you say to a boss, "no, I don't want to be your friend."
Doing so could also raise serious questions about your loyalty
and create tension in your working relationship.
To avoid getting tangled in the office politics of social networking,
some employees will even go so far as to create a second Facebook profile 
just for work relationships so as to not appear rude to colleagues and supervisors.
“Create two different profiles:
One you share with your closest friends and one you share with everyone else.
Facebook allows you to manipulate your settings so people in the latter group only see
what you want them to see,” advises Trace Cohen, chief marketing officer at
But many also argue that keeping two profiles is easily searchable
and that it just makes you look like you’re trying to hide something.
Some even believe that refusing to accept a boss or coworker into your social network
puts a shroud of suspicion on your character.
With the constantly evolving landscape of networking platforms,
workplace ethics is as complicated as ever.
It’s a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Friending the boss after all 
Perhaps you’re the exception to the case— you have a wonderful relationship with your boss
and coworkers and you've decided to include them into Facebook page.
Are you being sensible or have you just committed job-sabotage?
“I am absolutely comfortable with adding supervisors and professional contacts as friends on Facebook,” says Scott Hale, Social Media Marketing Specialist.
Hale keeps his profile an even mix “between professional and personal
and I believe it represents my ability to balance my hobbies with my professional interests.”
Likewise, Erica D, an associate director at a nonprofit organization agrees.
Because she is a shy person by nature, she admits that adding coworkers to her Facebook page
has helped develop a camaraderie that she would typically find difficult to achieve in person.
“Having positive relations in the office is so important. I think [Facebook] has helped,” she says.
Erica uses updates as a way to start a conversation with someone at work. “When I ask for information or assistance to do my job, they are more likely to be receptive or willing to help.”
She also points out that while she has witnessed some indiscretions with others,
she herself is careful to recognize that Facebook, like all the other networks, is a public forum. “Everything I post is something I wouldn't mind seeing posted on the bulletin board at work.”
Yes, there is an upside to having a boss and coworker in your social circle—
it’s easier to build trust and loyalty within the confines of a Facebook page.
For those that are judicious about sharing appropriate information,
the benefit of having developed trust and friendship from a supervisor can be immeasurable.
The best advice in using any networking tool is to always be a bit guarded about what you share. 
Keep your Facebook page and other social networking platforms entertaining
and as non-controversial as possible.
While it’s easy to get carried away with posting pictures of yourself doing a wild strip tease
at a friend’s party, it’s also wise to remember that a quick laugh can just as easily
leave an unfavorable impression on those that are unfamiliar to you.
Bottom line is you just never know who is watching.

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To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

Thursday, 15 January 2015

You could never have convinced me that I had a NEED to be poor...

 I chose this photo from my collection as they are honesty seed cases 
known as such because they represent purses with pennies inside.
Such silver cases represent hidden abundance and potential. M'reen

There and then I knew it was time for a serious face to face with my SELF.
I was a Hypnotherapist.... I had tools... I knew the drill...
So I sat down, closed my eyes, and the first thing I did was the parts therapy session.
I HAD to find out why I needed to be so poor.
Of course, you could never have convinced me that I had a NEED to be poor...
I was much too big for that. But I did it anyway.
M’reen: Parts therapy is known by a variety of names and it means the various parts
within us. The employer/ee, teacher/student, adult/child. bore/party animal etc.
Sabotage/gremlins/inner beliefs will always win
regardless as to how logical or strongly held are your conscious beliefs.
I did the STOP SABOTAGE session.
The door opened, the light came on, the truth was revealed,
the question was answered.
And everything changed. A miracle happened.
Within three weeks I had $3500, a signed lease on a nice house,
(even though I was a single mom, two kids, no income, bad credit and two,
count ‘em TWO, dogs)
I discovered my subconscious motivation to fail. I released it.
I manifested something that I really did want.
I met my future self and found out what it takes to be worthy of abundance.
I did it all by myself. You can too.
M’reen, my future self had me living in a mountainous country covered in fir trees
all that was supposed to be three years ago. I live in Newmarket, the historic home of horse racing, 
and  that is situated on the outer edges of the Fens, the flattest land in the UK.
Read Joe Vitale's book that reveals The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History.
Share, give, be sincere. I promise you, it will change your life.
My heart to yours! May your journey be blessed with an abundance of health, worthiness, 
happiness, and more than enough money to live and share your dreams.
M’reen: I used 7 of 8 of her CDs (1 was a repeat) and my income went up 57% that year 
with no difference in advertising or in any other area. The following year it fell to its usual level 
– but that year the greatest majority of hypnotherapists
in my large country wide forum experienced a steep drop in income.
As these were CDs they followed a different format to the one she used for herself.
Abundance, whether it is in financial areas or other is a fascinating and involved topic
that can be worked on successfully with a host of different therapeutic disciplines.
And sometimes we still need a following wind or a fortuitous meeting.
There are many people who will confirm Wendi’s story with their own
and many others who are still seeking their own abundance.
So my message is, go for it, try, you have all of your nothing to lose
and all of everything to gain; and for most of us, we will settle somewhere in the middle.
I like Seasick Steve’s song, "I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left".

Photos> M'reen. Now have you remembered what honesty looks like?
Maybe you need to work with past life aspects of being poor - I have worked with a few of those
but I've never got round to working with past lives when I've been wealthy - I wonder why?

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