Thursday, 20 November 2014

19 reasons why Creating a 2nd Blog separate from your web site is a good idea.

I chose this photo from the collection of fungi pictures I have taken throughout the years
as it indicates, to me: thinking outside of the box, capitalising on the back of what has been established,
popping up regularly but not always in the same place after having re-cycles the surrounding nutrients. M'reen

19 reasons why Creating a 2nd Blog separate from your web site is a good idea.
Written by: M’reen

Hi Laxmiben,
I re-posted your poem and thoughts, ‘The Mirror on the wall. Self Esteem.’
I then went back to your blog page on your web-site,
and, only checking your blog page, I felt that you was not making the most of your talent and time.
Your blog posts were attractively displayed one underneath the other, and that was that.

For arguments sake, let’s say you post one blog per week and your last blog was your tenth blog.
Might I suggest that you consider creating a second blog using blogspot
for the following reasons, by using this free site you could:

1)      recycle your blogs and they would appear ten weeks behind your new ones.
2)      It is highly likely you would generate a new audience for your work
3)      that would, potentially, access your web site.
4)      If you scroll down to the bottom of this blog you will find an opportunity for readers to                     sign up to my blog and receive in their inbox every new blog as soon as it is posted.
5)      At the bottom there is also the opportunity to see who is in my google+ circles                    
        and for you to add me to your circle/s and then I have the opportunity to add you back.
6)      At the top you can see a number of social media icons with an extra Pintrest icon and these       are there so that readers can post my content directly to their own social media platforms.
7)      There is a Subscribe to (the blog’s name) with 2 fields named Posts and Comments
  the little orange box is an RSS feed which means that people can automatically                        
  have my blog appear on their blog so increasing their content for their readers.
8)      The lower banner has a link to my main blog because I have 4 blogs – 
        it just happened that way. You might create another link to your website.
9)      I have: Search this blog. Popular posts. Blog archive, I have deleted the list of key words,         
        and there are many other facilities I could use if I wished.
10)   At the top I advertise the titles of the last 5 posts on my main Turbo Charged Reading blog.
11)   On some of my blogs there is a my photo with profile                                                                     and another opportunity to follow me on google+
12)   Some youtubes and some posts have my photo and profile below them.
13)   As soon as I post my blog it appears on google+
14)   The blogs automatically are posted to my twitter accounts.
15)   I prefer to put my blogs independently on Pintrest
16)    Facebook - join me please.
17)   And Linkedin: Mreen Hunt.
18)   All the blogs have hyperlinks (if you hold the mouse pointer over the underlined words and hold down the Ctrl key and click your mouse you will be taken directly to another article) This means that I can direct people to articles in my other blogs or to earlier articles in this blog thus taking advantage of the work I have done and extending the value available to their reading.
19)   And finally I give everyone the opportunity to check out my sister blogs.                                     You may give another link to your website.

When in doubt, check out youtube as generally some kind person
or the producers of the programme have posted tuition videos.

Perhaps you’d like to check out my sister blogs:            gives many ways for you to work with the stresses of life       describes the steps to reading in the way your mind prefers          just for fun

To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”

Friday, 7 November 2014

How to Fail Intelligently. How to fail at interviews.

We interviewed real Human Resource executives across the country about the amazingly stupid things people do or say in job interviews, and this video is the first installment illustrating a few of our favorite stories. Did you hear that? People actually did these things in job interviews!
So learn from their mistakes and don't do these things! If you like what you see here, 
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How to Fail Intelligently   Abdiqani Farah

Back in 2007, a friend recommended me to read a book entitled Failing Forward by John Maxwell. 
I listened quite interestingly, while continued to sip my iced coffee in sunny Southern California. 
I remember making calculations as to how dare that friend wanted me to fail while all others 
were up for success. I gave him a straight no. "I am not going to buy failure" I mimicked.

Granted, I was both naive and conservative at the time. I could not even conceive the idea 
of having myself go down a hill to test my temperature and tolerance for the uncertain world. 
I even got scared by the two-word title of the book, let alone read it. 
It never dawned on me that to set myself for failure was part of my greater being.

Make no mistake, failure is part of the human condition. We all fail at some point in life. 
Whether it is a relationship or a business venture, things go awkward. There is nothing to be afraid of. Indeed, the question is not that we will fail, the question is how are we going to fail. 
The best failure is when we do fail intelligently.
Experts on the subject believe that failure and innovation are pretty inseparable. 
That is, "the most inventive people are usually the best at failing forward." 
Basically, we could not light up our houses if Mr. Edison did not fail 9,999 times.

Now, if you are wondering how to fail, here are three ways to fail intelligently.

# 1. Assume that no one is perfect. And because the world flourishes with imperfection, 
it is not wise to expect you, or me, or someone to be perfect. 
This very recipe gives us the power to be human and do wrong. The world's greatest political absurd 
was due to failure. Do not think that world leaders were kidding when they allowed innocents 
to die for the sake of the safety of the rest of the world. They took the leap and failed intelligently.

# 2. Learn how to do mistakes. Above all, learn to how to learn from mistakes/failures. 
You fail when you call your fiancee the wrong time. But unless you learn when not to call your fiancee,
you are learning from it, and thus, not failing intelligently. The idea? 
Never repeat an action the same way if it failed previously. 
Try to acknowledge the previous step and do it differently.

#3. Leave a footprint in your mind, and the minds of others, where it reads something like this: 
I know it doesn't work this way because I tried once. 
Beyond circumstances, our subconscious mind does its business through awareness. 
It never deletes the commands you give. Give your subconscious mind to keep records for you 
by printing footnotes. Your mind has the ability to take you to the next level of success. 
Robert Half was quoted as saying that the "ability is useless unless it's used."

According to Maxwell, the difference between average people and achieving people 
is their perception of and their response to failure. 
Stated differently, failing forward is about to fail intelligently. 
Intelligent failure? "It is a willingness to learn from our mistakes 
and to accept that there is a certain level of risk when trying out a new idea or approach."
If you are still not sure how to failure forward, here are 6 steps on how to do so by Tim Ogilvie. 
The idea here is to set your own alpha failure prototype by focusing on learning and being honest 
about your mistakes. "If YOU want to succeed you need to learn how to fail forward", Irene Becker.

If You Manage Your Time Terribly, You'll Get More Done.

Perhaps you’d like to check out my sister blogs:            gives many ways for you to work with the stresses of life       describes the steps to reading in the way your mind prefers          just for fun

To quote the Dr Seuss himself, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn; the more places you'll go.”