Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Why Posting More Often On Social Media & Not Talking About Your Products WORKS!

For the last two years I've been saying you should post more often and sell less.
My entire strategy here at A Real Change International, Inc that we've shared with thousands
of small business owners in our private coaching and classes has always been, 
"Be where the customer is, when they are there, and pitch your product less to sell more!" 
It's been fun for me to see some MAJOR social media gurus starting to take this stance as well.
The very same people who thought I was crazy to post 12 times per day on Facebook and Twitter 
are now TEACHING you should post more often on Facebook and Twitter to increase
your engagement organically.
The very same gurus who said that I would annoy people, irritate customers
and it wouldn't be relevant for all brands for a company to run PPC ads to build a targeted following 
of clients are ALL now having their 'latest webinar' on WHY you should be using Facebook Ads 
to get more leads, close more sales and increase engagement.
I'm THRILLED! Because people are starting to pay attention to the market, listen to the consumers 
and really be where the customers are, when they are there, to change the world!
I've had the honor this year of not only working with over 1.5 million small business owners
through our company A Real Change International, Inc, teaching them and mentoring them through 
our various channels of influence on our blog, TV show, social media, email, live events, newsletter 
and more, but we've also been influencing several other different groups of people.
IHOPKC hired me as a consultant to come and help them reach the world through social media.
They BELIEVED ME when I said we've gone from tent meetings, to door to door evangelism to small groups to video lessons to now the social media realm. It's TIME for the social media revivalists 
and evangelists to learn how to serve people, stop beating people over the head with a Bible
and impact culture! In just 3 months time they've increased their engagement by over 500%,
have added tens of thousands of new followers on Facebook and get this, 
their registrations for the biggest event they do every year is HISTORIC right now.
It's NEVER BEEN THIS HIGH! CD sales, book sales and more have SKYROCKETED!
They are truly changing the world!
We are also working with several national brands that do more than 3 BILLION dollars in sales. 
These brands are serious about not being 'push marketers' and they understand that building
a CULTURE around people they can serve, while mentioning their products 10-17% of the time
is a recipe for great success online. We spent 2 hours in a conference room yesterday with one such brand, talking about best practices, strategies for PPC and more.  
In just 3 DAYS their followers increased by 429.9% and their total reach of influence grew by 202.8%!  
We are mapping out Black Friday promotions, how to effectively serve people
on the Twitter and Facebook platform, best practices for "rockstar followup" and more!
Small business owners are taking note! Ministries are using it! Big corporations are finding it works!
WHY does it work to post more often and not mention your product all day long?
Because people want to know you care. They want to know they are important. People log in
on their favorite platform at their favorite time every single day. If you are there to SERVE them,
it is a sign of good business. If you are not there to serve them and ONLY log on 1-2 times per day, 
that means that what works for YOU is of the utmost importance and what YOU want is what drives you. That says to the customer in no uncertain amount of terms, "You are not important to us."
Being available to serve on multiple channels wins the social media ROI chase hands down.
There is no other direct response marketing platform that works as effectively.  No TV campaign, post card mailing, mail drop, email campaign, blog post, NOTHING that works as effectively 
as simply serving people daily, every hour, through social media. It also COSTS a company a lot less!
Build culture and you'll increase sales! Really care and you'll increase sales!
Stop pushing your products. Hold to the 10-17% rule and when you do offer something for sale, 
people will be grateful, not upset.
The times are changing.
WIth love,
Sandi Krakowski

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

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